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Top 5 Locals-Only Restaurants on Maui

There’s no doubt about it: Maui has been “found” by the world. It’s hard to find places that aren’t full of visitors! But if you’re looking to get away from luxury resort dining, sample what the locals eat, and try something new, you can still find that here. Try out these five top restaurants on Maui the next time you visit!

Komoda Store & Bakery – Makawao

This hundred-year old family establishment has long been known as the best donut shop on the island. The thing is, you HAVE to come early! The bakery closes when they’ve sold out for the day, and that can happen earlier than you’d think in this top restaurant in Maui. Located in historic downtown Makawao, this is a great early-morning stop for cream puffs and guava malasadas on the way up to Haleakalā.

Ulupalakua Ranch Store and Grill – Ulupalakua

Though it’s quite a ways off the beaten path, locals know that this is a prime spot for the freshest meats around. There’s nowhere else in Hawaiʻi where you can get an elk burger! There just isn’t. If elk’s not your favorite, consider the beef, lamb, and pork options, all raised sustainably and locally here on Maui. Again, come a bit early, as the store sometimes closes a little earlier than advertised.

Coconut’s Fish Café – Kīhei

You know you want some good fish. We’re in the middle of the ocean, for goodness sake! Of course you do. But where to get some really GOOD fish? Coconut’s is a great place to start. Nothing fancy, but the food is amazing making this a local best restaurant in Maui. Fish tacos, fish burgers, seafood Caesar salad… the fish possibilities are endless!

Ono Kau Kau Mixed Plate – Lahaina

Everyone who comes to Hawaii wants to try plate lunch, and this unassuming roadside joint might not come off as one of the best restaurant in Maui until you taste their traditional Hawaiian/Chinese mixed plate special. With affordable prices, friendly service, and all the classic favorites like laulau, Spam musubi, teri beef, chicken katsu curry, and so much more, this is the spot you’ll want to come back to again and again.

Kuau Store – Pāʻia

Finally, if you’re hitting the road to Hana for the day, you’re sure to need some snacks for the road. Stop in at Kuau Store, the “last chance store” before getting on the rural highway. Kuau Store has an excellent selection of plate lunches and sandwiches, as well as a salad bar, and does a great job supporting local entrepreneurs by selling a wide variety of locally made food products (snacks for your ride!). They also make great coffee, juices, and smoothies.

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