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Top 5 Coffee Shops in O‘ahu

In a state famous for its Kona and Hamakua blends of coffee, you would expect there to be a strong coffee culture. Fortunately, O‘ahu does not disappoint. From hip and chic pour-over coffee bars to comfortable and cozy cafes, there is no shortage of charming places to get your java fix (and no, we don’t mean Starbucks, though there are plenty of those, too). Check out the top five coffee shops O‘ahu has to offer below!

Morning Brew

With two locations – the original in Kailua, and the new café in Kakaako in Honolulu – Morning Brew offers a laid-back island atmosphere with delicious coffees from Hawai‘i and beyond. Their signature drinks sample the flavors of the world, and you can even watch them roast their own beans in the Kailua store on select days. Sample delicious breakfast items like their loaded bagels, breakfast burritos, waffles, and healthy granola and acai bowls, then relax with free Wi-Fi and enjoy the local art and free people watching.

Brue Bar

Located in downtown Honolulu’s business district, this hip urban coffee spot focuses on single-origin coffees and hand-crafted espresso drinks. Try their cold brew coffee on nitro for a smooth and creamy texture you won’t believe, and a jolt of caffeine that will keep you coming back for more. Simple with no frills, just the best Hawaiian coffee.

Arvo Café

This Australian-inspired café is an ode to the avocado, with a delicious lineup of toasts slathered in the creamy green goodness and beautifully adorned with edible wild flowers, cracked pepper, rich feta cheese, and sweet sun-ripened tomatoes. Of course, you also came for the coffee, which doesn’t disappoint. From smooth and refreshing cold brew to silky lattes and perfectly roasted espresso, this bustling café shares a space with a quirky flower shop and has communal outdoor seating with excellent vantages for people watching the unique residents of hip Kakaako.

Green World Coffee Farm

A working 7-acre coffee farm in central O‘ahu on your way to the North Shore, the storefront features an incredible selection of the best Hawaiian coffee from across the islands. Fresh beans are roasted daily and served in the café, and tours of the grounds and operations are available. Enjoy your drink of choice in their outdoor garden beneath the shade of a gazebo or pick up some Hawaiian souvenirs in their large retail space. If you love coffee, you will love it here.

Local Joe

This small but cozy downtown coffee shop may not be the spot to spend your day lounging in an oversized chair soaking up the free Wi-Fi, but it does have something no other coffee house in O‘ahu can boast: the ability to immortalize your face in a foamy latte. Featuring a delicious line-up of handcrafted beverages, Local Joe allows you to choose an online image, from their catalog or via your own upload, to send to their CoffeeRipples app which will line-draw it in your latte or cappuccino. Amazing! Oh yeah, the food and drinks are top notch, too.

Sample the Best Hawaiian Coffee

These are just a few of the best coffee shops O‘ahu has to offer; you can find many more on your own trip to the island! Contact ILoveHawaii today to book your dream vacation to the island paradise of O‘ahu.