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Puna District Vacation Rentals

As the largest district on Hawaiʻi Island, Puna is filled with variety. From black sand beaches to volcanic deserts to lush jungles, Puna has many different types of landscapes. It’s largely a residential district, with no large towns. Puna has a lot of charm for those looking to get “off the beaten path;” for many years it’s been known as a counter-culture hub of the island. If you like the idea of staying in a cozy cabin in a rainforest, or visiting renowned yoga centers and nude beaches, then you might like one of our great Puna Vacation Rentals:

Puna encompasses the entire area between Hilo and Volcano, and stretches from there down to the sea along the vast slopes of Mauna Loa. There are many different subdivisions in this area, each with their own charms, so make sure you know where in the district you’ll actually be before you book a place. Though it has tons of coastline, Puna’s land is mostly young lava, and there are hardly any beaches here. People come to Puna for alternative eco-living, organic farms, and quiet, remote areas.

Puna is generally divided into two regions: upper and lower Puna. The upper area is along the highway towards Volcano, and is characterized by lush mountain forest and cooler elevations. The lower area has coastal access, and is more populous (but more remote). Pahoa, the central town of Puna District, is a cute town with old-fashioned architecture, a great health food store, and a nice county pool. Past Pahoa (towards the coast) are Kapoho and Kalapana, neither of which can quite be called a “town,” as they are mainly residential and have no services. These two are connected by the “Red Road,” a fascinating coastal drive with a few spots to get in the water (again, don’t expect beaches).

Puna District is a bit of the wild west: a place where people come to do their own thing, get away from town, and feel free in nature! Contact us to learn more about our Puna house rentals.