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Waipiʻo Vacation Rentals

Often called the “Valley of Kings,” Waipiʻo is a wahi pana, a legendary place, with a rich history. Perhaps best known as the place where Kamehameha the Great grew up, Waipiʻo was also the birthplace of ʻUmi-a-Līloa, a chief of the 15th century who was the first to unite almost the whole island under one rule. Waipiʻo is a very sacred place, as well as a beautiful one, and is much cherished by island residents today. It’s one of the rare places where you can see the old way of life still in practice today. Choosing one of our great rentals here will give you a truly unique experience! Find out more about our Waipio Valley vacation rentals below:

Waipiʻo is a flat-bottomed river valley, lush with taro paddies. The mouth of the valley is a beautiful curving black sand beach (exercise extreme caution in the water here), punctuated by waterfalls at the ends. Though there are many seasonal falls within the valley, the most prominent by far is Hiʻilawe, made famous in song. Hiʻilawe is the tallest waterfall in the state of Hawaiʻi.

While there are a few hiking trails in Waipiʻo, almost all of the land is privately held. The valley’s few residents (less than 100) highly value their privacy; do not trespass on anyone’s land. Likewise, there are sacred sites and burial grounds everywhere, especially near the beach, so act with respect, pack out your trash, and don’t move or climb on any rocks or structures. It’s fine to walk along the beach, as well as up the Muliwai Trail (Z Trail) that climbs the far wall of the valley past the beach. It is not recommended for visitors to drive any kind of vehicle into the valley, as the road is extremely steep and narrow. Leave the driving to locals; park at the top and walk down, or explore the valley floor with a guided tour.

Enjoy your visit to Waipiʻo Valley, a truly special place of old Hawaiʻi! Contact us to learn more about our Waipio homes for rent.