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Fern Forest Big Island

Tucked away on the slopes of Mauna Loa is the little community of Fern Forest, Hawaii. It’s just a neighborhood, not a town, so you can enjoy the ultimate peace and serenity that the vast Big Island has to offer. Although there are no services in the immediate vicinity, its proximity to Volcanoes National Park, as well as the highway, for a convenient commute to the island’s attractions, make it a great place to choose. Browse our Fern Forest, Hawaii vacation rentals and enjoy an island getaway with peace and quiet in the forest!

Although the Big Island’s shorelines are definitely beautiful, this diverse island has so much more to offer than solely its beaches. If you love being in nature, Fern Forest Big Island is a great spot for you to stay. This subdivision is zoned into 3-acre agricultural parcels, so you’re not likely to see another house from your rental. Additionally, most people prefer to keep to themselves here, so it’s a great place if you’re seeking privacy on your vacation. Enjoy abundant space to roam and bask in the peace of a tropical forest. Explore the native ʻōhiʻa forest in this area, filled with beautiful lush ferns growing over the relatively young land.

Nearby Volcanoes National Park

Fern Forest Hawaii is not far from Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park, the number one attraction on Hawaiʻi Island. If you want to spend multiple days exploring Kīlauea volcano, then Fern Forest Hawaii is a great choice with convenient proximity so you can spend more time exploring and less time driving. Hike around the crater rim; drive down the spectacular Chain of Craters Road to the ocean; visit the museums and fascinating old buildings of Volcano House and the Volcano Art Center. To see a wide range of the park’s unique sights, take the scenic drive along Crater Rim Road or drive down the spectacular Chain of Craters Road to the ocean. This drive along Crater Rim Road will take you past steaming vents, sulphur banks, craters, and volcanic cones, the dramatic scenery giving you the feeling that you’re visiting another world. Chain of Craters Road descends 3,700 feet across 18.8 miles, winding among craters, mountains, scenic overlooks, ancient petroglyphs, and the dramatic Holei Sea Arch, which was cut into the cliff by flowing lava about 550 years ago, leaving a dramatic arch of black lava rock towering above the sea below. You’ll want to allot several days exploring this national park’s beautiful scenery, which will be easy to do from your vacation rental in Fern Forest. Passes to enter the park are good for seven days, because there’s just too much to see in one day here!

The Quaint Town of Volcano

There are a few restaurants and stores in Volcano that will add to the ease and comfort of your stay in Fern Forest Hawaii. With a good variety of eateries and shops in this small town, you’ll have all you need within the short 9-mile drive.

Wine taste in paradise at Volcano Winery. Traditional grapes infused with tropical local flavors such as yellow guava and the exotic jaboticaba berry give these wines a distinct flavor of the islands. Wine tastings are available daily from 10:00am – 5:30pm, where you can sip flavors such as Hawaiian Guava-Grape and Macadamia Nut Honey Wine. Pick up your favorite bottle to bring back and enjoy in the comfort of your vacation rental!

Wine and chocolate are a girl’s best friend! Enjoy locally made treats such as the chocolate at Aloha Candy Company. This company makes chocolate from cocoa beans grown locally on the Big Island. Try one of their Edible Art chocolate bars, with each hand-poured bar depicting the art of the locally beloved artist Dietrich Vare, well-known in the islands for his brown and white block prints. Other bars depict scenes such as hula dancers and canoes, making these both a great treat and the perfect small gift to bring back home.

For more options outside of Volcano, you’ll need to head 14 miles northeast to Keaʻau or 22 miles north to Hilo. It’s worth planning at least one day to explore Hilo, as well, since it’s a fascinating city with many small museums, unique shops, lovely waterfalls, and a beautiful bayfront area.

Come stay in one of our great vacation rentals in Fern Forest Big Island, and be surrounded by nature!