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Find An Amazing Condo Rental in Ninole, Hawaii

Exactly halfway between Hilo and Honokaʻa, in the center of the gorgeous Hāmākua Coast, lies the tiny village of Ninole. Just large enough to have its own post office (the smallest you’ll ever see), Ninole is little more than a collection of homes. One distinguishing feature, however, is that it’s located right on the cliff’s edge, making for the best ocean views you could find anywhere. Enjoy some Hāmākua peace and quiet at one of our great Ninole houses for rent in Hawaii!

Hāmākua as a region is defined by its many streams and seasonal rivers, and Ninole is no exception. There’s a little park here that’s one of the best places on the whole coast to hike up and down a stream bed, and splash around in the shallow water. Waikaumalo Park is a great spot for picnics and birthday parties, but unless someone’s planned one, you’re likely to have the whole place to yourself. There’s a bathroom here, but nothing else in the way of facilities. It’s a great spot to spend an afternoon with kids.

Nearby Laupāhoehoe Point is another great spot to have a picnic, and it’s one of the only places along the 40-mile Hāmākua stretch where you can actually stick your feet in the ocean. Great for fishing, kite flying, and taking stunning photos, it’s a truly unique location. Brave locals swim at the boat ramp here, and there are some fun tidepools for kids to explore. Pāpaʻaloa Country Store nearby is an awesome place to grab some lunch after a morning spent here; they specialize in local produce and food made with aloha.

Ninole: a beautiful Hāmākua Coast location for your spectacular vacation!

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