taro grows in a Hawaiian Valley


High on the mountain slopes in south Kona, you’ll find the beautiful scenery of Hōnaunau. Surrounded by fragrant coffee farms, you’ll enjoy the cool temperatures and stunning sunset views of this area. Choose one of our great Hōnaunau vacation rentals if you want to explore south Kona!

South Kona is characterized by small towns, coffee farms, roadside fruit stands, and artists’ enclaves. The main attraction in the area is Kealakekua Bay, famous as the place of Captain Cook’s demise. There is amazing snorkeling in the bay, though it’s not always easy to access from land; it’s recommended to take a snorkel tour to easily get to the best spots. Some companies also advertise dolphin swim tours here, but this is both unlikely and potentially harmful to the dolphins, who are resting when they enter the bay. Several companies also offer kayak tours to the Cook Monument, or you can hike there via the Kaʻawaloa Trail. There’s tons to do when you stay in our Hōnaunau vacation rentals.

Puʻuhonua o Hōnaunau is a National Historical Park which preserves the ancient puʻuhonua, or place of refuge. This was a place where, under the ancient Hawaiian religious system, one who had broken a sacred law could come and be absolved of their crime, or where noncombatants could seek sanctuary during times of war. It’s $5 per vehicle to enter the park, and your pass is good for one week. Rangers offer tours within the park, or you can walk the self-guided tour and learn on your own. It’s a fascinating window into ancient Hawaiian life.

No matter where you adventure during the day, you’ll want to come home to your Hōnaunau vacation rental in the evening for an incredible Kona Coast sunset!