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Kukuihaele Big Island Rental Homes

Kukuihaele Homes For Rent on Big Island, Hawaii

At the rim of majestic Waipiʻo Valley sits the plantation camp of Kukuihaele. Once large enough to have its own post office, school, and social hall, today the small neighborhood is one of those quiet places where old Hawaiʻi still exists. Children play safely in the country road, surrounded by orchards and pasture. Some vantage points in Kukuihaele offer even better views of Waipiʻo and the coast than does the Waipiʻo Lookout.

Try one of our great Big Island rental homes here if you want to spend a few days exploring Waipiʻo Valley, as there are no accommodations in the valley. Second, only to Volcanoes National Park, Waipi’o Valley is the second most visited location on the island, and for good reason. As the former permanent home for Hawaiian royalty, it is known as the Valley of the Kings and means “curved water” in the Hawaiian language. The Waipi’o Valley is one of the most picturesque places on the island. It features dramatic 3,000-foot cliffs, soaring waterfalls, and is divided by the Waipi’o River. Hiking down to the black sand beach requires some effort, but rewards with incredible views. Luxuriate on the otherworldly black sand beach, though exercise extreme caution while swimming here, as currents can be strong. During your stay in one of our Hawaii beachfront vacation rentals, hike up the Muliwai trail (Z trail) on the far side of the valley for incredible views. Take in views of the famous Hiʻilawe Falls, the tallest in the state, standing at an astonishing 1,200 feet. Those not up for the grueling hike down (and then back out!) can admire the views from the lookout above or visit the valley on a guided tour with one of the tour operators in the area. It’s not recommended for visitors to drive any vehicle into the valley, as the road is extremely steep; access the valley by hiking or one of the available tours.

Located in this quaint town you will find Na’alapa Stables, which offers horseback rides through the pristine countryside as well as into the beautiful Waipi’o Valley. Journey into the Waipi’o Valley on horseback, passing through a lush tropical paradise of jungle trails, freshwater streams, taro fields, jaw-dropping waterfalls, and panoramic vistas. Experience a glimpse into Hawaii’s past, where time seems to stand still, and taro patches and lotus ponds still dot the landscape. You also may be surprised to find that rugged Hawaiian horses run wild here in the valley. Here in the valley, many old traditions are still kept, time passes slowly, and Sunday’s are still set aside for a time of rest and family (so be sure to book your tour on another day!)

While Kukuihaele’s beauty is plentiful, its businesses are few. For most services, you’ll need to head the seven miles into Honokaʻa (a great bike ride), where you’ll find a good handful of restaurants, a decent grocery store, banks, gas, and even a historic movie theatre with showings most evenings. In Kukuihaele, you’ll want to stop in at Waipiʻo Valley Artworks, where you can enjoy locally produced ice cream and coffee, admire the beautiful art, and meet up with valley tours, whether by foot, horseback, or ATV. Waipiʻo Cookhouse, a little roadside spot, is taking locally produced food to the next level, with basically everything grown right there on the family’s farm. They’ve got great ranch meats and smoothies to fill you up after a long day in Waipiʻo Valley.

So what are you waiting for? Book one of our Kukuihaele homes for rent on Big Island, Hawaii and start planning your vacation today! The beautiful area of Kukuihaele, right next to the stunning Waipi’o Valley, is a great place to base your stay.

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