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Airplane Tours

Kaua‘i Airplane Tours

Imagine yourself soaring like a bird over the remote lush valleys and hidden waterfalls of Kaua‘i. If this sounds merely like an amazing dream, well, an airplane tour in Kaua’i can make your dream come true! Kauaʻi is Hawaiʻi’s oldest island and boasts a terrain that is largely inaccessible by land vehicle or on foot, so the best way to tour the island is from the air. Small craft planes use considerably less fuel than helicopters do and the savings is passed on to you, making airplane tours in Kauai one of the best, most eco-friendly, and economical ways to experience the exquisite beauty of Kaua‘i. And of course the photo opportunities from a Kaua’i airplane tour are like no other!

Airplane Tour Companies on Kaua‘i

We have several highly experienced Kaua’i airplane tour operators on The Garden Isle, as Kaua‘i is affectionately called. All of our knowledgeable operators will share a wealth of cultural lore and historical facts while you aerially tour amazing sights such as Waimea Canyon, Menehune Fishpond, Lumahai Beach (where South Pacific was filmed), the famed Na Pali coastline, the lush taro fields of Hanalei Valley, and the multitude of towering waterfalls that grace the extinct volcanic crater of Mount Wai‘ale‘ale.

Choosing an Airplane Tour Operator

Most of our Kaua‘i’ air tours are family-friendly. Air Tour Kaua‘i is the only tour company that flies out of the small Port Allen Airport in Līhuʻe and has one of the longest in-air times, as there are no commercial jetliners to keep you waiting on the tarmac. AirVentures provides a number of tour packages, including exclusive custom-tailored tours. Besides providing excellent Kaua’i airplane tours, Preston Brandt of Kaua‘i By Air offers not only in-depth air tours, but also offers a unique opportunity for you to pilot your own tour. Preston runs a flight school as well.

A Top-Flight Experience

Whether you are bringing the whole family or want to fly solo in the pilot’s seat, we can meet your Kaua’i airplane touring needs. Contact our Kaua‘i vacation experts at ILoveHawaii.com today to book an unforgettable Kaua’i airplane tour experience filled with wonder and smiles.